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  Kasai Works Corporation considers the workplace to be a "dojo" -a training hall-
for building character, with the aim being to elevate the humanity of our employees.
Securing a reasonable profit and ensuring that all products created by the company
are of high quality are crucial objevtives for the enterprise.
However, securing profits and increasing productivity must not be a matter alienated
from our humanity.
We believe that encouraging improvement in skills in order to increase productivity
and taking on the challenge of meeting an objective in order to increase profits
are means we use to respect ourselves.
Superb employees must also be members of sound, close-knit families and good
members of their local societies.
Kasai Works' single most important aim is our principle of enhancing our humanity
the highest priority of all.

president's Message
  Ever since our founding in 1957, we have played a role in the automobile industry though our manufacture of automotive switches.
Now we have come to possess an integrated production system, backed by our superior skills and technology, which covers everything from product manufacturing to the finished product.
Amidst fierce international competition, we are maximizing the advantages of our system to supply the market with high-quality, high-precision products at low cost, thereby earning our customers' lasting trust.
Facing the future, we take on the challenge of constant development of high technology as we continue to excel going forward as a technology enterprise.

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